Just to ease your stress off from work, I have here links on cartoon jokes about traveling. I really want these photos here in my blog but they are all copyrighted. Anyways, check… Continue reading

Great Map

Ok, I wanted to have a globe in my room so I can roll it while I dream of having another place to visit.But I thought, that must be too expensive. Thousands of… Continue reading

Ok, good.

One can take a note of is that if people travel around the ‘world’, it doesn’t mean that these people have a lot of money in their banks. It might be their huge… Continue reading

Fictional But Factual Quotes

These are Neil Gaiman’s quotes and some are from his fictional books. I love them all because I believe some of them, some made me laugh, some made me realized a thing or… Continue reading

So this is God.

Simply put, I got pulled through the wormhole of the Absolute, and in that rush I suddenly understood the workings of the universe completely. I left my body, I left the room, I… Continue reading

Tweet Exchange on B-graduates

I was reading few articles in Businessweek website about top B-schools (Business schools) when I happened to open an article about Japan not giving higher position and salary to B-graduates. I tweeted my… Continue reading

An Excerpt from Season of Change

…Thoughts about work are continually popping from my head for eight months and it is getting to my nerves. I pursue my travel to Korea to let these energized thoughts to subsidy and… Continue reading

Travel With Me in Korea

I and my beloved Cherry Blossoms I have been thinking about doing a Travel With Me liveblog along with my Travel Phlogs. This is only an expectation I set for myself because my… Continue reading

Birthday Present

Today is my birthday.April 14, 2010.I was born in 1986.Looking back at my 24 y/o life,I always find solemnity and peace in God.And as I battle for my dream and passion,I asked Him… Continue reading

Dark Chocolate and Europe

Dark Chocolate. I hate loving chocolates. And I am eating a European chocolate now, a milk chocolate of Lindt Coffee Swiss Classic. The milk component of this chocolate is hardly tastable because of… Continue reading