Postcards of Heaven

If you are fond of traveling the world either you daydream of doing it someday or you are doing it now one place at a time, I would like to share my travel… Continue reading

Nihongo Tips for Myself

(Note: This website undergone a major importing issue from Multiply. Haha. This blog supposedly should reflect as posted last November 24, 2012) JLPT N4 is sooo near. I feel like I am going… Continue reading

Future and Today

  Things had been really overwhelming for me for the last few months that I, sometimes, get trapped in time and let everything passed me by. Worst is, I had been really distant… Continue reading

Ironies of What We Live For

We ask what we could do for others, but we keep on doing things for ourselves. We ask if we could work for our passion, but we keep on working for money. Love… Continue reading

War Within

  People are naturally good. It’s the war in them that makes them look pretentious and bad. Ironically, people are so good building and playing the person they thought is more attractive. Well… Continue reading

Got. Pursuit. Lose.

   I sometimes spend days observing people, looking and sensing what kind of life they have. And I usually end up realizing that some people got what they wanted, some people are still… Continue reading

My Ideal Reader

If aspiring writers would only write to please people in order to have avid readers then it would be a daunting pleasure. One way or another, there will be a group of people… Continue reading

Provider and Server

During homily… The key to Man’s heart is his stomach. The key to Woman’s heart is shopping. One can simply understand that Man is made to provide…. the reason why Woman can blissfully… Continue reading

Is it Having Faith or Controlling His Will?

After holding on for some time, we should at least try to let go. Why? Because it may already be our Pride or worse, our Fear that keeps us from moving forward. See,… Continue reading


It’s another situation where I can’t move. But, go slowly. We will try to get there. Think… Think and be wise For every wall, there is definitely a way to crack it up.… Continue reading