Every Minute of It

Are we really capable of doing something so we can have or become what we always want? If we are, can we really do it consistently? I know it is possible to give… Continue reading

Cute Coffee Shop!「可愛い喫茶店!」

I and my friend went to Bataan last February. It was actually a despedida escapade. 二月で友達たちと一緒にバターアンにやっと行きました。三人友達は仕事を辞めたから、送別会の旅行があると思いました。   We did a lot of things during that weekend. One of those many places we visited,… Continue reading

NOISE…. my oh my.

Let me have a short break first from my japanese blog. I am currently making up for some things for now. Hehe. But I want to share something I learned last week. =)… Continue reading

My Everyday 「私の毎日です」

As you may already know, I am writing a Japanese blog every Friday and this one is my second. What could be an interesting topic to write may be those random things I… Continue reading

Worked on Chinese New Year 「旧正月に働きました 」

It was Chinese New Year last February 10, 2013. 二千十三年二月十日は旧正月でした。 nisenjuusannen nigetsutouka wa kyuushougatsu deshita.   It was my first time to actually witness this holiday celebration. 実は、この休日のお祝いを見るのが始めてでした。 jitsuwa, kono kyuujitsu no oiwai… Continue reading

Keep Calm and Learn Japanese

Hey, you already know that I didn’t pass the JLPT N4, right? So from that humbling experience, I decided to focus on improving myself on the things that I think are my weaknesses… Continue reading

How one simple act of kindness can make a difference to million of kids

I received an email from World Vision. I thought it was just an ordinary e-newsletter that I usually get from time to time. But this time, I found this e-newsletter very amazing.  … Continue reading

It Ain’t Smooth

I failed. To make it more precise, I read NOT PASSED on the JLPT Online Result. My mind suddenly bared to me all the months I dutifully gave up to study Japanese. My… Continue reading

2012 Wow Events

Finally, I found time to just sit and write endlessly. Ha! I kept on finding a suitable time to write but somehow when I managed, I always ended up thinking where I should… Continue reading

What’s the catch?

Did you ever had a thought if a great movie really depicts a real life drama? Oh, let me start with this one first: All movies, whether they are just fantasies or fiction,… Continue reading