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Oh, 2014.

Writing would be the best option to formally close my 2014. I know, I know. It is already half of January 2015. Many people may have already started doing their 2015 New Year Resolutions.… Continue reading

Postcards of Heaven

If you are fond of traveling the world either you daydream of doing it someday or you are doing it now one place at a time, I would like to share my travel… Continue reading

Anything But Write

I forgot to post here about the travel blog I was asked to contribute in OneTravel. You probably know that I’ve been posting everything here in multiply since college. This site became my… Continue reading


Just to ease your stress off from work, I have here links on cartoon jokes about traveling. I really want these photos here in my blog but they are all copyrighted. Anyways, check… Continue reading

Great Map

Ok, I wanted to have a globe in my room so I can roll it while I dream of having another place to visit.But I thought, that must be too expensive. Thousands of… Continue reading

Ok, good.

One can take a note of is that if people travel around the ‘world’, it doesn’t mean that these people have a lot of money in their banks. It might be their huge… Continue reading

Travel With Me in Korea

I and my beloved Cherry Blossoms I have been thinking about doing a Travel With Me liveblog along with my Travel Phlogs. This is only an expectation I set for myself because my… Continue reading