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Do You Write Your Own Quotes?

Hey, it’s been a while. I incredibly missed writing but I couldn’t get a hold of a topic to write. I have been thinking what I should write both for my Japanese composition… Continue reading

Random Questions

Don’t underestimate those lingering questions you have in your mind. …because it might change your life. …あなたの生命を変えるかもしれないから.

Ironies of What We Live For

We ask what we could do for others, but we keep on doing things for ourselves. We ask if we could work for our passion, but we keep on working for money. Love… Continue reading

Provider and Server

During homily… The key to Man’s heart is his stomach. The key to Woman’s heart is shopping. One can simply understand that Man is made to provide…. the reason why Woman can blissfully… Continue reading


It’s another situation where I can’t move. But, go slowly. We will try to get there. Think… Think and be wise For every wall, there is definitely a way to crack it up.… Continue reading

Fictional But Factual Quotes

These are Neil Gaiman’s quotes and some are from his fictional books. I love them all because I believe some of them, some made me laugh, some made me realized a thing or… Continue reading

Birthday Present

Today is my birthday.April 14, 2010.I was born in 1986.Looking back at my 24 y/o life,I always find solemnity and peace in God.And as I battle for my dream and passion,I asked Him… Continue reading