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Keep Calm and Learn Japanese

Hey, you already know that I didn’t pass the JLPT N4, right? So from that humbling experience, I decided to focus on improving myself on the things that I think are my weaknesses… Continue reading

It Ain’t Smooth

I failed. To make it more precise, I read NOT PASSED on the JLPT Online Result. My mind suddenly bared to me all the months I dutifully gave up to study Japanese. My… Continue reading

What’s the catch?

Did you ever had a thought if a great movie really depicts a real life drama? Oh, let me start with this one first: All movies, whether they are just fantasies or fiction,… Continue reading

Nihongo Tips for Myself

(Note: This website undergone a major importing issue from Multiply. Haha. This blog supposedly should reflect as posted last November 24, 2012) JLPT N4 is sooo near. I feel like I am going… Continue reading


I had been busy for the past 3 months. Wait…. 6 months. I write this blog because I finally received the result of my JLPT exam. I passed. Hahahahha. Geesh. I still want… Continue reading