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Secret for You to Graduate and Beyond

This is a blog post for all college students who feel the need to graduate with flying colors. To those students who are anxious with grades, I am sorry to tell you that… Continue reading

Oh, 2014.

Writing would be the best option to formally close my 2014. I know, I know. It is already half of January 2015. Many people may have already started doing their 2015 New Year Resolutions.… Continue reading

Responsibilities with the Right Reason

Ah. It has been 20 days since I last woke up for work. I was always a night person and waking up after only 4 hours of sleep was always a challenge. Although… Continue reading

Four years ago, I was dreaming.

I was busy in being a good employee because that was I was excited about when I was in my last year in college. No more exams and sleepless nights. My own salary. New… Continue reading

Random Questions

Don’t underestimate those lingering questions you have in your mind. …because it might change your life. …あなたの生命を変えるかもしれないから.

It Ain’t Smooth

I failed. To make it more precise, I read NOT PASSED on the JLPT Online Result. My mind suddenly bared to me all the months I dutifully gave up to study Japanese. My… Continue reading

2012 Wow Events

Finally, I found time to just sit and write endlessly. Ha! I kept on finding a suitable time to write but somehow when I managed, I always ended up thinking where I should… Continue reading


I had been busy for the past 3 months. Wait…. 6 months. I write this blog because I finally received the result of my JLPT exam. I passed. Hahahahha. Geesh. I still want… Continue reading

2010, you are my decision-focused year.

Here is a recap of my 2010. 1. I didn’t realized that new year prayers can come true until my prayer to visit Korea happened. (All because of cherry blossom.) When you wish,… Continue reading

A Break

I just got tired reading lectures and articles. I think I already gave a lot of my time on learning new stuffs. I was trying to put atleast 20 new japanese words in… Continue reading