AMBUSH: Lost Identity

Not one.

And not even 10.

I can’t even count with my fingers how many people asked themselves different questions but the gists are all the same.





Are we really that lost?

Did we even realize when and how did we even get lost?

And with this question unanswered, people are just continuing with their lives not knowing where they are all heading.


Those who acknowledged that they are lost have the opportunity to find their identities.

But that is just a start.


The thing about being lost is who are really brave among all the lost people.

Because those who were brave enough to look for their lost identities…

…despite all the loneliness it will bring upon them

…despite all the fears it will demand from them to face

…despite all the judgmental look from all those who already accepted their lost fates

are those, I believe, will surely find themselves…

and have the liberty to live their true nature.


This blog is inspired by my speechless response on the movie of Divergent. I haven’t finish the book yet but the movie had already left me thinking about a lot of stuff.