Four years ago, I was dreaming.

I was busy in being a good employee because that was I was excited about when I was in my last year in college. No more exams and sleepless nights. My own salary. New people to meet. Help struggling companies. Change the country. Be who I was destined to be. You know…those kinds of daring dreams. Haha.

But along the way, I found myself lost in the path I was always familiar with.


Is this it?

I started dreaming for bigger but stranger things. I did not know that dreams can be scary. And the more daring and obscure my dreams become, the scarier they get. They are bigger than what I expected before. I mean, BOLDER and MORE LIBERATING. Bolder than getting through every day. Doing things more liberating. These strange dreams hunted me like I did something wrong in my past life but, ironically, satisfy my soul.

“There is definitely something bigger than this.”

Life should have a theme like weddings or birthdays.

It needs something that will connect everything

and explain why things need to be the way they are

Life is Big.

This is why we need God.

Our life themes can only be drawn by God

who made all things according to His will

and who is above all things.

Let ourselves be free from wandering aimlessly

and live a very beautiful meaningful life.

If not, it’s such a waste to even live it, right?


joke lang.

Chill mode.

No work for two days.

And tomorrow is holiday!