Do You Write Your Own Quotes?

Hey, it’s been a while.

I incredibly missed writing but I couldn’t get a hold of a topic to write. I have been thinking what I should write both for my Japanese composition series that should be published every Friday and anything about random stuffs I learned and explored everyday.

I also haven’t posted anything for the past weeks because of work aside. I was promoted in my work which really made me more busy more than I have expected. But, honestly, I am, at the same time, happy and really feel privileged to be even given a chance to mentor new teammates.

I really love writing. I have never thought that I am still blogging today after 8 years!  I never even had a thought of sharing my thoughts online. Haha. And because I am so in love with writing and my mind is most of the time full of random thoughts and observations about people and life, I finally started to write every realization I personally learned in a small notebook 2 years ago. Now it has more than 200 quotes! And of course, I named my collection as “Season of Change”. Yes, it’s the same as this website’s title. =)

Listening now to Ciao Xing. Her songs are so pleasing and sweet and soothes a Mother Nature aura. Her voice and  the instruments leave me no choice but to daydream.

So here you go.. here are some of my compositions. Hope you’ll pick a thing or two from them =)

All love story start with awkwardness.

Be extra good to people around me so they, too, will enjoy living.

When I say I am chasing my dream, everyone around me can shut the hell up.

The difference between a movie and real life is the characters themselves.

…because real friends know the right question to ask.

I speak about God every single day because He is always in my heart and I think about Him all the time. How can I not be?

The enemy is so strong. But God is stronger.

Don’t underestimate those lingering questions you have in your mind.

Work is a never ending thing.

There is only one meaning to this: We, (I mean, ALL of us), believes in one God. we are just scattered and lost.”

Sometimes………the long journey you had walked on becomes your only motivation to move forward.

When every time you see people enjoying and having a blast with their lives, know that you are also on your way to your own.


How about you? What are some of your personally made quotations?