Every Minute of It

Are we really capable of doing something so we can have or become what we always want? If we are, can we really do it consistently? I know it is possible to give up along the way, but, is it also possible to not give up until the end?

Out of desperation, I usually end up praying to God for His blessing for a moment of time so I can absorb everything that are happening around me,

appreciate both good and bad,

let other people be,

be mad about most people,

shout at them,

confront people who are both incredibly two-face,

shake them up,

slap the hell of cowardice they are proudly nourishing,

tell people who take advantage of other people “I know what you are doing.”,

be happy for people who amazingly have the chance to change their course of life,

tell some people that they are nowhere near in the position to discourage other people’s dream,

inform people that they are no greater than the people they are defaming,

clear out to some that whatever some people are getting is not something they are entitled to question,

get them immune with the fact that they don’t know what other people are experiencing in their respective lives,

tell some people “let’s not fake it”,

enlighten them that reality is really painful to take but is better than pretending,

advise them that time is always ticking and will never stop even if we beg it to,

tell them that every second is a decision to live life as you want it be,

remind them that their lives are theirs,

enlighten them that people don’t usually care about what they are doing,

tell them that people around every person is just an observer but some just got lucky to become gossipmonger,

punch those people who only knows how to look good physically,

oh, another one on this, shout to the faces of those people who only knows how to be good in front of people they know they can get something,

shout with a megaphone on the ears of those people who doesn’t really listen,

tell some people “I am wasting my time with you…and my money on fare, coffee and food…” because they are too busy about themselves to care about other people,

tell everyone that it is good to live at the present but it is wise to also learn from the past and invest on the life you want to have in the future,

tell people that not everyone is walking with eyes opened and they have to be careful of those who have chosen to have their eyes closed,

tell few people that people don’t deserve to be judged  according to their money because even if there are people who like to be judged in that way, it also belittles the lives they are living…

Making it every minute is always a decision between moving forward and staying where we are. And I, yeah, I do that every minute.

If I am going to live this life after all, why not make it meaningful then? The discipline of making it every minute builds my character. The courage that I get too pile up every minute widens my world. The learning from all of my mistakes are so therapeutic that it deepens my life.

“I made a mistake, hell yeah.” Lucky me! Not everyone can do it.

You might want to ask me: Am I angry about something?


Truth is – about everything.

You are asking right? Because right now I don’t feel like faking it.

I just want to be honest. Too honest that I just wrote about everything. This is really liberating  and I am not finish yet.

As much as I always want to thank God about everything, I usually question Him about everything. I am always in doubt and usually mad at Him but He always has the last say. He is so simple yet powerful. He is my one and only faithful Lord. And as much as I want to get away from Him, I just can’t. I am incapable without Him. He is scary that I usually hide and seek with Him but in this game I always end up the one who is seeking. And He always makes Himself found by me.

I heard from someone that if one would blog, the least thing one should do is to put also their real name.

Hi. I am Olivia Mae del Rosario. Nice to meet you!

Thank you for keeping on reading my blog.

Writing is liberating. It enables you to talk to who you really are. You know, that kind of thing when you get to be honest with yourself? It keeps you grounded and makes you accept your incredibly intricate life. Then, somehow along the way, you will realize that you finally overcome some hardships because you talked to and learned about the real you.

We are all human being and we can’t escape the fact that we are who we really are.

Nice to meet you again, pal!