Keep Calm and Learn Japanese

Hey, you already know that I didn’t pass the JLPT N4, right?

So from that humbling experience, I decided to focus on improving myself on the things that I think are my weaknesses in Japanese.

And how would I do that? By writing a blog every week both in English and Japanese.

Nyay! (^O^)v

By doing this, I will be able to practice my Reading and Grammar. Both of these need a lot of practice. LOADS OF IT. Although I am also lacking in Listening, I don’t know how to do that thru blogging.



Why am I sharing this on my blog?

Aside from the “reality” check that I don’t like this blog to look like a junk of meaningless stories, I would like to have some accountability to myself and my readers. Saving myself from embarrassment will help me to have the “need” to use grammar and write composition correctly. いいね?

I would post one blog every Friday to give you some things I observed, experienced, visited or whatever, both in English and Japanese. In this way, I can use every grammar I learned and will be familiar on how they should be put into context when writing. I would also include Romaji that would also help me to familiarize myself with Kanji reading. =) 

Topic would be very simple. I don’t want to get ahead from my current Japanese level. So bear with me, people. Hek hek. For those who can understand and speak Japanese, people who are just starting to those who are already advancing, please do comment below in case you find anything that is incorrectly written.  Please also include if you have suggestions on how to better write some words or sentences. Yey! And to my other readers, have fun reading the blogs. You might learn new things.

My Mantra Everyday

My Mantra Everyday