How one simple act of kindness can make a difference to million of kids

I received an email from World Vision. I thought it was just an ordinary e-newsletter that I usually get from time to time. But this time, I found this e-newsletter very amazing.


Read on..

Dear Olivia Mae,

Let me tell you a love story.

The year was 1950 and the place was China. There was a poor little girl, around four years old, who loves to go to school. Her friends call her White Jade.

One day, the owner of White Jade’s school invited travelling American missionaries over to introduce Jesus and His inspiring life story to the kids. One of the missionaries was Bob, an American journalist and war correspondent. Bob, upon telling the story of Jesus, encouraged the little kids to pray and tell their parents about Jesus. White Jade faithfully did this assignment.

Sadly, White Jade’s sharing to her parents left her bleeding with bruises all over her body due to her father’s painful beating. The school owner went back to Bob and said in frustration, “This little girl did what you told her to do and now she has lost everything! What will you do now?”

Bob then promised to send $5 a month for White Jade. The missionary left China for the United States but kept this promise. He also used his influence in radio and TV to encourage people to help thousands of children who are left homeless and parentless after the war in China. It even came to the point when there were more donors than the orphans needing help.

Bob and White Jade’s story gave birth to a global movement of people who now care for 4.2 million children around the world. World Vision was a fruit of love. And you are a significant part of it!

(excerpt only)


The second I finished reading it, my reason of becoming a sponsor of a child dawned on me. I have been a member of World Vision for a year now but have never really considered meeting my child in person or taking a step more than providing financial assistance quarterly. His letters about his school and dreams always give smile on my face and remind me why I have to do good in my work. I want to have more child to sponsor and be more attached with them.

Han Hyejin with Tanzania Kids

Actress Han Hyejin with Tanzania Kids

Last night I watched a show of World Vision of Korea where they featured the actress Han Hyejin when she visited the country of Tanzania. The condition of the kids and even the babies were beyond anyone’s imagination about sufferings, famine, droughts and hardships. They don’t deserve all of it and yet they still continue on striving. The kids are drinking from ditched canal, people! It is contaminated with feces, pesticides, fertilizers and animal poop!. T_T, A baby does not have an anus and another kid has her internal organ grown on top of her tummy. Kids who are working for $1 per 12 hours/day don’t get paid on time. But the World Vision of Korea helped them to overcome these with the help of all of their sponsors.

He knows he needs to work. (*_*)

He knows he needs to work. (*_*)

If you feel in your heart a tiny pinch of obligation to help other kids, do it – help them. See, we, the people who have always been blessed on small things like having clean water to drink or 3 meals to eat a day, should help these kids in every way we can because that’s our role. We have been blessed so we can bless others. 


Please help them. I am now pleading, peeps! =)


Check World Vision on how to help babies and kids.

International Website and Philippine Website


Make them smile

Make them smile