What’s the catch?

Did you ever had a thought if a great movie really depicts a real life drama?

Oh, let me start with this one first:

All movies, whether they are just fantasies or fiction, they all came from the inspiration of the writer about his real world.

Even if it is about the story of Simba in Lion King or the unexpected journey of a Hobbit, each movie are all inspired by something very significant for the writer. The story of the Hobbit about his unexpected journey depicts every human need to get out from their comfort zones even if that will mean being unprepared for it. That movie had seriously left me amazed by how it was able to portray that some point in our life we will need to face an unexpected journey. In other words – Change. The story of the Rise of the Guardians maybe for kids but hey, let me tell you this, that story made me think about my center, my purpose. Jack Frost was unknown to everyone. Nobody believes he exists. Nobody thinks he is something. But when he finally realized his center, everything changed. He never knew that he can fight the Boogeyman. After all, he was nothing special to start with, right? But his simple character of having fun is his true center and that brought a glorious effect on people around him.

Ok, let me stop here. You might be thinking I am just talking about movies that are meant to leave its audience think about their values and beliefs.

Let us look at other good movies. Benjamin Button. It was not about a person who happened to have a very rare illness. Yes, it is. But its main goal is to make us realize that time is never a hindrance. He did what he needed to do even if his mind, heart and body are against him. Benjamin Button was able to live a full life. Praybeyt Benjamin. This is a good comedy movie. Hahaha! But it is also about doing what you need to do despite those people who keep on judging you on what you do and what you fail to do.

You must watch this!!

You must watch this!!

I suddenly had the itch of writing about this kind of thing because of Proposal Daisakusen (Proposal Big Strategy). After I finish the whole Japanese series, I was walking mindlessly for a day. I was only thinking about the real meaning of the series. Sure enough, we change every single thing in our lives. All the simple and little things we do every day changes how our future will be. They are also the bits and pieces of the memories we will remember some day. But the series left me with this one daunting question that inspired me to write this blog:

Does it really exist?

I want to know the writer’s inspiration for this series.