My Ideal Reader

If aspiring writers would only write to please people in order to have avid readers then it would be a daunting pleasure. One way or another, there will be a group of people that will find their writings so dragging to be read.

But…how should we know anything about our readers to get them read our writings?

Jeff Goins threw a few questions to his readers in his well-thought blog 10 Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice for us to know about our prospect readers. And here is my own surprising result:

My ideal reader is curious. He has a sense of need for exploration. He maybe sometimes coward but he desire a freedom to do what makes him happy. My ideal reader is healthy and is fit. He respects anyone’s opinion. He loves sweet and deserts. He is confrontal and knows what he’s saying when he speaks.

There is something really obvious here….

I should write what interests me.

After I have read the result, I have learned that the ideal reader is very like me. I am an endless curious brat that brings my feet always on exploration. I am always afraid of the unknown but my desire to be enlightened is much bigger than my fear. I push my fear away from my path which never fails to give me the freedom I am always addicted to. I always try to get fit. And whenever I gain weight (just like this season), I try to always push myself to new activities and rid off whatever that is barricading my laziness. Sweet and deserts are also my appetizers and sometimes main course. And yes, I am very confrontal and sometimes I mean every word.

So who is your ideal reader?

Or should I say, who are you?

One should write not to please others but to express one’s thoughts and feelings. A writer must speak truthfully to his readers, otherwise, his writings will be like school books put into lockers during classes.