2010, you are my decision-focused year.

Here is a recap of my 2010.

1. I didn’t realized that new year prayers can come true until my prayer to visit Korea happened. (All because of cherry blossom.) When you wish, it’s not something that will just happen without some labor. I did, literally, stuffs para lang matuloy. And it happened, smoothly.

2. I studied Nihongo for 6 months and took JLPT last December. I never thought I would take the exam seriously not until I was already learning to construct sentences. I fell in love with the language that I decided to watch Japanese drama series and movies instead Koreans this 2011.

3. I enrolled my masters degree in Mapua. I have this grand plan I earnestly assembled on a piece of paper, put schedules, ideas and drawings around it. It is not career thingy but a more personal level of experience. It’s not about achievement. Achievement only comes when you do what you really want to do. A bonus track. The masters degree is just a start. That masters degree has left me coughing since October and I had those days when I walk like a zombie.

4. My travel website started last November 2009. But it was only last year that I decided to take it seriously. I did a lot of layout with all the codes I only learned by asking IT people I work with and doing numerous testings. This year, I’m planning to simplify it as much as aesthetic will concern and really put my personality on it.

5. I flew 4 times (3 countries and 1 domestic). It’s been a year of travel. But to tell you the truth, I will never travel again that frequent in a year. Last year had left my savings wounded and my mind exhausted. Travel is addicting but sometimes we have to put boundaries around it. As I have said in my last website post, Be Practical. I mean it for everything.

6. My sister got back to our house with her family. Finally, I am able to see my niece everyday and play with her as much as I like. Looking at her always makes me feel so grateful. She’s now becoming the most vigorous kid I ever know. I think she will be a very talented girl someday. I can’t wait to see her walk on her own. But it’s gonna be a hell of riot in the house. She’s already broke one figurine, torn a dvd cover, ripped off a number of magazines and cried whenever she wanted something.

7. I and a friend also started a wedding management. I must say that this is a sideline I think will always inspire me to do weird but exciting stuffs. I also get to work with great people and roam around Metro Manila again.

8. My professional work has made me to look back and reflect on what kind of career that interests me. It helped me build a character I think I will not learn from any place nor even with other people. Do you know that life is one giant puzzle?

I think 2010 has made me stronger and more independent. It taught me how to balance everything, prioritize and give importance to what really gives value, construct worthy plans and execute them with lots of discipline, deal with new personalities and be as a dreamer as I can be. And of course, it also helped me put all those dreams into actions.

So now, I welcome my 2011 with much excitement, anticipation and nerviness.
*crossed fingers and grin smile