Afraid, and so I wrote.

Don’t be afraid to be who you are. If you are, slash it out. Don’t be afraid because no one wants to see someone who’s just the same as the others. They are in search of beauty and uniqueness. And if you are not unique, who would ever look at you the way you wanted to be looked at?

Don’t be afraid to be alone. Because if you are, you will look for people from whom you’ll have big expectations. People don’t want to feel they have big expectations to meet. Why? Because they too need to be themselves, they are all trying to be. They want to be free. Don’t be afraid to be alone because it doesn’t require you to be lonely.

Don’t be afraid to do things you think are silly for others. It makes you happy. You need to be happy so people around you will also feel happy about their silliness. Soon enough, all people will be happy. They will soon be grateful and appreciate small things. You will no longer expect people to meet your expectations because you’ll never even have them. You are just happy about anything. You are at peace, jolly and contented.

Don’t be afraid to act on your dreams. Don’t be discouraged if people find it unappealing or idealistic. It is not their dreams. They don’t see the beauty of your dreams. Dreams meant to be achieved, otherwise, how will you be unique? How will you be the person you’ve always wanted to be? At first, dreams will haunt you. But if you will continue neglecting your dreams, they will die. And soon your destiny will also die.

Don’t be afraid to encourage and praise others. They need to hear them. Like you, they are on their path to their dreams. You know the feeling of being discouraged. Try to be a source of courage for others. Push them if they feel hopeless. Inspire them. You may not see their dreams but you share the same emotions, the same worries and doubts, the same joy and passion. Let others reach their dreams and you’ll feel great.

Don’t be afraid to be hurt. How will you know how to truly love if you haven’t been truly hurt? If life is all about good things, wouldn’t it be too boring to live? Would you ever know the word “love? if it’s not because of the feeling of pain, sorrow and disappointment? How will you know that this life is a path if there’s no destination? How will you live then? There are good things and there are also bad things. But bad things happen in order for good things be felt and experienced. The end of everything is only good things.

Don’t be afraid to say the things in your head and heart. Life is too big for only famous and great people to share. It needs your contribution so people can learn new things. Likewise, your being is just too big for you to handle. It’s nice to bring them out and share with others. You are unique, remember? So are your contributions, be as silly as they may be.

There are gazillions of people on earth and yet there are only few men and women who truly live. Why? Because they live for the world but not for the life, not for God, the only One who makes everything special.

Merry Christmas everyone. =)