Anything But Write

I forgot to post here about the travel blog I was asked to contribute in OneTravel. You probably know that I’ve been posting everything here in multiply since college. This site became my life portfolio.

So you can read it here.

George of OneTravel emailed me last month. He saw my website and found it interesting. I don’t know where he found my website but wherever it is, I extend my appreciation. He asked me if I can contribute a travel blog for their website as a guest blogger. I am not professional on this kind of stuff, you write your experience for others. I think the most challenging part of writing for other people is you need to please them, like you need to sound like them because, after all, what you write represents them. That’s the first pressure I felt then as an amateur writer, a writer who writes nothing but anything.

But they asked me, so I thought I can write for them and for the benefit of traveling. =)

When I was a kid, I found this book about the amateur detective Nancy Drew in my ate’s cabinet. Without her knowing, I sat beside her cabinet almost every day reading the book. I just can’t remember how many books I’d read. But her stories thrilled me that I even dreamed of becoming detective someday. =O


I started to bring a small red doll bag everywhere inside our house. You can find there my ‘detective’ stuffs: flashlight, notebook, ballpen, candle, lighter (haha!), bread (in case we don’t have canned foods) and few bills. Dude, I was really playing like a real detective. I thought I need to be prepared always just in case something happen. I

One night, the whole street went blackout. I said to everyone in the house “Aha! May kandila ako sa bag ko, Huwag tayo magalala.? (Aha, I have a candle in my bag so don’t worry, everyone). I was bragging my preparedness!

I watched (and still am) suspense movies and everything about getting-your-life-saved thrills. Daylight, Air Force One, The Net, The Bone Collector. Name them.

And oh, Mcgyver. Dade watched McGyver and Mr. Bean. Hahaha. Anyway.

With all these movies, I became hooked with the plot itself. I became a critic. I knew from then what’s stupidity and logical.

Then I aspired to become a writer of my own story.

I observe. Then, I write.

Stories that has me the main lead, supporting lead, extra or just the narrator.

I even wrote a small story but wasn’t able to finish it. It’s about friendship of 3 girls where two of them got into a conflict leaving the other solving the unproven issues and misunderstandings. I was 10years old.

I might not be able to be a professional writer someday. But it doesn’t mean I should stop writing. I love writing just about everything.

The things that I learned in my childhood adventures are the things that made me who I am today. I apply them in practical ways. Maybe, those had helped me to be independent in most ways.


Have a good day ahead.