Thinking Like ‘Owners’

Although I still find time to upload postcards in my website, I have a long list of to do list in my planner. I have 4 activities: masteral, nihonggo language, high school yearbook and wedding planning and coordination for the past 3 months and my schedule is starting to stress me out. My postcards give me the silence and pleasure of art that I need. To tell you guys honestly, I am happy because I started to regain myself after a long downturn of my self-esteem. We sometimes experience the stage where we believe that we don’t get hold of ourselves anymore, either through demanding schedule or passivity. I was taken by passivity. I learned to control my own destiny by structuring a roadmap base on the dreams that have been haunting me since childhood. And what are these? I opt not to tell it yet. Mada!

I decided to write a blog because of a thing I realized last night. In one of our lectures, culture is something that binds every individual in an organization towards one goal with or without directives.

My fellow IE can hear me out.

Culture cannot be copied by any competitor and that what gives a company a competitive advantage over its competitors. It is when employees works with passion and energy even if their boss doesn’t gives the directive. They’re willing to strive and win. They’re willing to move forward.

To sum its definitions all in one, a winning culture is when workers think themselves as ‘owners’.

Mr. Vilvestre asked: What do we mean by thinking like ‘owners’?

Owner nourishes, protects and comforts his/her possessions. Everytime I travel I always look after my luggage. All my things are put inside the luggage: clothes, toiletries, gadgets, books and of course, passports and tickets. If that luggage gets out of my sight, I panic. There are times when we need to wait 3 hours in a bus terminal during one dark dawn. We need to sleep but sleeping means we’ll be in subconscious dream and everything will be out of my awareness. I tight up my luggage with my hand to the extent that when someone tries to get it, I will wake up. This is I when I am an owner of a thing. That luggage belongs to me.

Last night, amidst the polluted air of Quiapo, I saw hundred of plastics on the street with spoiled foods and ripped rubber slippers. Jeeps are all over the road not minding the vehicles behind them honking at them. They need to get passengers as much as they need to save their family from yet another no dinner again.

I started to despised the scene and hated that Philippines won’t ever overcome its economic problems if all these individuals do their own thing at their own means. I sounded like Im not a Filipino. But then, I am a Filipino. And this is how Filipino thinks. We despise what doesn’t pleases our sight and yet we don’t have any solutions in action. Is this the kind of culture Philippines has?

If we will apply the best practices businesses have in their organization in our own country, are we going to have the same competitive advantage over other countries? Culture is the personality and soul. It is the identity that differentiates us from anyone. But, we despise our own country and don’t love it like we need to be, as citizens. We believe in many things, but what we truly believe in is what we always do.

Are we really proud in the kind of our culture is becoming? If we start to think like ‘owners’ of Philippines, are we also going to nourish, protect and comfort it against any mean-spirited people, mindset and behavior even without any directive from anyone? Are we going to look after the Philippines? Or are we still going to foster it with wrong mindset and actions and won’t take the blame because, in the first place, we’re not the owners? Are we really that selfish?

I hope that we have in mind and heart a triumphal roadmap for the Philippines and start the journey with our chaps.