Right Motivation

Thoughts are running from my mind for days now. I was always excited to write them down on a word sheet and neglect the world around me and start to live the life of a character unknown to anyone.

When I am about to start to type these words, I suddenly had the refusal to continue. I need to get motivated. I need to have the same desire I had few hours ago. I looked up in the internet for tips on how to be motivated in writing a book. Ridiculous. How could you search something from the internet that you alone understand the feeling? Or is it common to everyone that maybe there are people who happened to experienced the same thing and they thought of publishing them into the internet?

I read that in order to get motivated, first, you have to ask yourself: Why am I writing this particular book?

I paused.

I have always been the dreamer who locks herself up from her afternoon classes for few moments to live in her own Utopia. Dream is a world where nothing is unreachable. All things are either have been reached and the character is enjoying her time with those things she have long desired or are about to be received. The latter is the most exciting part – the crossing of boundaries. This has the feeling of knowing that you have extended your limitations after the long time of knowing that you were only capable of doing certain things. You become stronger. Or you thought you are no longer weak. You never thought that there are still things outside the world you only knew. And at this very moment, you are dying to explore those things – the unknown things. And because you are now stronger, you taught you are ready to know those unknown things. Curiosity gets higher as you travel into this new world.

People have the desire, it has always been there. But as it rose up in just few seconds, it also goes down like a candle vanish its presence from the dark as soon as you blow its light. Dream is simply like that as far as motivation is a concern. You need to know yourself in order for you to know where you will continue your walk if things get difficult. Weaknesses have always been there, but we, people, need to acknowledge them not ignore them so we would know how to deal with them. Doing this way, probably, we can make these weaknesses as our strengths. We will no longer say that we are fools for we only know how to brag. We will say to ourselves that we are only human with weaknesses, but we are wise for we know how to handle them. Life is a long process of good and bad, we need to know how we are going to live when the bad times come.

Why am I writing the book I said earlier? I don’t know. Does it have to have a reason?

My first dream is to be a writer. I always wanted to share things to people.