Great Map

I wanted to have a globe in my room so I can roll it while I dream of having another place to visit.

But I thought, that must be too expensive.
Thousands of bucks, i must say.

So, I wanted to have a big map on my wall,
More of a wallpaper!

But that must be too impossible for we have a lot of diplomas hanging on my room wall.
So, I think I’ll just paint my wall with hot pink or whatever.
Anyway, I just saw the picture above in my tumblr dashboard.
This is really cool.
Names of countries.
Lots of colors.
I can just locate the countries and know how far they are from mine.
Geesh, I love looking at the Philippines
So small
But cute
Anyway, I just want to share my great map.

This is now my desktop wallpaper.
But, who cares?