Ok, good.

One can take a note of is that if people travel around the ‘world’, it doesn’t mean that these people have a lot of money in their banks. It might be their huge curiosity of the world that they wander and they will take any opportunity to get off from their mundane days.You can check my bank account, you will see that I’m way below of your savings. It’s about passion for the world mysteries that people keep wandering around the world. But this can be different from other people’s because, above all and most importantly, one should always remember that there are different kind of travelers. This, and foremost, must be understood first. I may not be qualified to assume but I have encountered number of traveling cliches and money is never used to describe the traveler.

I have come to realize that I prefer to use the word “wandering? instead “traveling?. For this, I thank you for your curiosity towards the wanderers. =)

Just another thought. ♥ ♥ ♥