Tweet Exchange on B-graduates

I was reading few articles in Businessweek website about top B-schools (Business schools) when I happened to open an article about Japan not giving higher position and salary to B-graduates. I tweeted my viewpoint on this and had a discussion with my close friend, @Queenbhie.

Now, if you have an account on twitter, you must understand how this discussion flows. =)

Japan dsnt believe in MBA. MBA grad had turned down a proposal from a Japan company to view factory only because he wouldn’t understand it.

@bunsongpayat Totoo ung Japan dsnt believe in MBA =)

@siomuzzz san mo nalaman? penge, hehe

@bunsongpayat becuz they believe they can hire grads fresh out of college and mold them into the managers they want. still B-grad got edge

@Queenbhie B-grad does hv edge on some part. But,I think, US/Europe like shortcut. Japan dsnt rush on getting profit. It’s a long process.

Japan does not work under time constraint. They work on details so their work will yield to longer effect. That’s how Engineers work too.

@bunsongpayat coming from US multinat’l, company invests on B-degree for their engineers to improve leadership & personal skills. Specialist masters : to increase the depth of their knowledge in defined job. B-degree for personal development in generic mngt. Specialist knowledge, however, is not everything when it comes to finding a job. The personal skills that will make graduates valuable employees.

@Queenbhie Yours is a good one, though. Agree w/ them on investing on their engineers to become business leaders. The advantage is that engineers know the real work of operation. They are at the basement of that big int’l company. So they are coming out now as B-grads. Am just reading this article about B-grad, the pros and cons. Edge of BA grads is that they know how to work outside the company under all of these economics and so so issues. That is their playground. Ours is the operation.

@Queenbhie now you’re using twitlonger! Haha

@bunsongpayat Oh yeah! 🙂 Let’s watch Sex and the City! 🙂

@Queenbhie oh yeah, super agree. it all boils down, actually, to knowledge and pagiging totoong tao. everything goes after that

@bunsongpayat just look befor u leap.. It all depends on what you really aspire and what you want to become. One specialized path? or a well-rounded skills with further options? 🙂