An Excerpt from Season of Change

…Thoughts about work are continually popping from my head for eight months and it is getting to my nerves. I pursue my travel to Korea to let these energized thoughts to subsidy and give myself some time to relax and enjoy what are there to enjoy. There are thousands of reasons we should always enjoy every day and the mental stress is not allowing me to do this.

It is spring in Korea and cherry trees are blossoming. They usually start to bloom during the last week of March and will only last for a week after every petal fall out from its flower like a snow dropping from heaven. Cherry blossom is usually in white color and it gives me a feeling of peace that if only I have a garden with lots of cherry trees, I will spend every siesta underneath while reading or writing a book or sketching. It is also the same feeling when you witness a bride walking in the aisle and a glow from her behind make her stand out from all other flowers in the garden. Pink and violet colors are rare to be found. These colors give a different theme of feeling. They are so lovely that I, a single lady, not as a marital status, feel an undying love that it seems like there is someone out there loving me and knowing only that that love do really exist is almost already satisfying.

I am working on the second plot of the book. I hope every thing I want to put in here will just flow through my head and heart so I wont have time to be bored again. But, most especially, I am also looking forward on reading the manuscript underneath a cherry tree… =)

And oh, some of you might wondering why I intend to have my own book — published. Once in my childhood adventures, I wished to become a writer. It was my first ambition. Next was to be a detective. I don’t know what is with being a writer. Maybe being free in writing/telling your heart’s feelings is what it caught me back then. Soo desu ne?

*I need to contact a friend to check my grammar as well. Harhar