Travel With Me in Korea

I and my beloved Cherry Blossoms

I have been thinking about doing a Travel With Me liveblog along with my Travel Phlogs. This is only an expectation I set for myself because my daily travel journal is not working for me. I need to stay up late from an exhausting day tour to document everything I have explored or wake up early the next morning, as in 2 hours earlier than the usual 7am travel tour. But, doing a travel journal helps me a lot in remembering the incomparable travel I always experienced in exploring other countries’ culture and arts.

Now, I will delay no more. This is my first travel live blog. This time, I am here in Seoul, Korea. I hope everyone will have a good time reading this. Nawa’y, madala kita dito na parang totoo lang na katabi pala kita dito. Haha.

April 23, 2010

After spending 2 nights in Busan, today is another day to include in my dreadful days. I always hate the feeling of leaving a foreign place. I know that my travel days is being countdown by someone higher than me and is always reminding me to pull myself together because, as every person who have traveled away from his own town will always say, “Back to Reality”.

Yesterday is Mame’s Day. We visited the Shilla Millenium Park and Royal Tomb of Queen Seondeok in Gyeongju Province. If Intramuros is the historical place in Philippines where there is a community actually living there, in Korea, it is Gyeonju. Gyeongju Province is a hundred times bigger and more historical than ours. There a lot of maps around the province and one can roam around by riding the numbered buses. These buses are designated with specific route, getting you to specific historical places. We also planned to visit the tomb of Kim Yu Sin and the astrological place built in the time of Queen Seondeok but the time did not allow us. You see, Mame is an avid fan of GMA TV Series, Queen Seondeok. Even I.=) I even waved my goodbye to the tomb of the queen. I love her.

We checked out from Zen Backpackers, the #1 hostel in Busan, around 1130am. We need to get to Busan Central Bus Station as early as we can because it will be a 6 hours bus drive. =I

I bought a sailor blouse just because, aside from its simplicity, (I am standing before the Korean youth where layers upon layers is the usual way of wearing a daily fashion), is the fact that I always regard myself as Olyve Oil, wife of Popeye. Whahhahahaha. That is 19000 won, around P900. As we were strolling around the never ending alleys of boutiques and shops, I now know why online Korean fashion selling is very appealing to Filipinos. Kahit ako, natuwa, napapatitig pa. Haha. I would not bother to live here in Korea and put everything on my thin body and look like I am not a fashion victim but is just plain confident to what I am wearing. Onga pala, I should consider having no bath days as Koreans usually don’t do this. =)

We met Ms. Dora in the bus. She is a teacher in Busan. She visited Dumaguete twice as her friend founded a school there and is planning to have another one. She lived in Germany for 6 years and been to Japan also. She even said “Hajimemashite”, a Japanese greeting you say when you meet new people. I smiled. Ako na ang nakakaintindi. Haha! She accompanied us all the way to the 2 subway lines we need to ride just to get to Hyehwa Station. We were even, this is just an assumption, fooled by a 40year old man. He was accommodating too much that I even reconsider that this is just one of the good attitude of Koreans. They do not deceive people. Walang magnanakaw. You can walk in the street texting. Everyone has the latest electronic gadget so that is not a necessity to everyone. He has one of our tickets na. Naway nakarating siya sa destinasyon niya ng matiwasay. Hays. I will just extend my thanks to Ms Dora for the free ticket.

We arrived here in Mr. Sea Backpackers around 930pm. This time, this hostel was awarded as the most enticing and relaxing environment last year. I don’t doubt it because the colored rooms are located below the reception and the walls are decorated with messages from guests, maps and drawings. It is a little house. What do you expect, this is a hostel. But what separates it from the others is that everything in it is just plain creative.

We had our dinner in Two Two Friend Chicken jst two buildings from the hostel. For 15000 won, a combination of fried chicken and shredded apple(?) with mayonnaise was served by look like 50s year old couple. The woman looks like timid but she is beautiful. Mahinhin, Maputi at Matangkad. Hayssss. The man talked to us in Korean english. (Korean english is a language, as described as Ms. Dora, is very different from the Filipino english. They talk fewer words and more head and hand signals are made during conversation.) He said to Mame that I am beautiful with sexy body (with cocacola shape pa). Napangiti na sana ako eh, kaya lang may ganun sexy pa ek ek. Katakot dude, Inuman area pa naman un. Hays.

Our host is Jay. A Korean. That is only my description for now. I do not have the time yet to interrogate him with my curiosity as of the moment. But he look like Tim Yap. Somewhat like him. =)

Ok. Enough with this. I should get myself a good night sleep, for tomorrow will be a looooong day.

Everything is just plain crazy when you travel.
– bunsongpayat