Dark Chocolate and Europe

Dark Chocolate. I hate loving chocolates. And I am eating a European chocolate now, a milk chocolate of Lindt Coffee Swiss Classic. The milk component of this chocolate is hardly tastable because of the caffeine. And I love it. This is different from all the chocolates I have ever addicted to.

At first, it was just a catalyst in my student life. Pieces of P5 worth of BigBang and Cloud 9 in my elementary days can make my two (2) recesses worthwhile. It helped me to study and retained knowledge more than any kind of food. Often times, a pasalubong to enjoy. Now, they are my past time. As long as there are chocolates in the refrigerator, I would gobble it out.

But dark chocolate? It is something. Truly differentiated from the others. It promotes the chill mode in me. I eat dark chocolate to relax, to unwind and to appreciate my surroundings. Yes, almost a way to soul searching. The difference is, with dark chocolate, I am not an addict. This is why I love them more. But the others? They are all the same.

I am. I know. =) I am trying to limit my sugar. I need to. My glucose went up high almost beyond the average glucose one should have. Mame always reminds me that I could get Diabetes.

I pondered. Since I was about to post a travel phlog of Europe, I researched some facts about chocolates. Hmm, I even hoped that I could get a motivating fact about chocolates so I would not condemn my addiction.

Chocolate is just as good for you as a glass of red wine. Research shows that dark chocolate just like red wine contains flavonoid phenolics which are known to lower the risk of heart disease. Cocoa is approximately 20% protein, 40% carbohydrate and 40% fat before even adding sugar and milk.

A good one. =)


Switzerland, a European country, consumes the most chocolate per person a dayat an annual rate of 22.4 lbs/person. Annual consumption of chocolate, per capita, is approximately 12lbs/person, with consumers spending over seven billion dollars per year on chocolate!

I am glad it is not Philippines. And definitely not from Quezon City. Hahahaha!

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