Fear. It is just a lot of things. And it is getting into my nerves.

Fear makes you change your mind and heart.

Fear will stop you chasing your dreams. Fear fears seeing you getting to your dreams into reality. Dreams are reality, by the way.

Fear will stop you saying those truths. Just because white lies are “accepted”, it just only tolerates fear more. Time will pass but the resentment of having peace is non-exchangeable to fear. This is why, aside from being a Christian, I don’t believe in white lies.

Fear makes you think twice. And you end up doing nothing. Fear, not only stops, but delays your plans. You are stuck in the haze of fear, thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking… hoping that someone will straighten things up for you. Simply, you get stuck and you are late with your plans. And why do you always want to have confirmation first?

Fear is something It is evil. Although you have the right motivation and intentions, if something came up that challenges your desire, you are more willing to give up in the middle of the journey. A nice journey, isn’t it? Something will always comes up. They define the fight to your dream. And here you are, always letting your double-minded persona get in the way.

Fear makes people do things they did not even intended to do. Who does not want to be successful through their own way? Who does not want to do what he loves to do and get paid for it? Who does not want to do what his passion tells him so? Who would not want to live a peaceful but meaningful life?

You have to fight your own fear.

Each of us has his own fear. A unique one. A compilation of everything. Fear resides inside of us.